Epoxy Coating

If you’re looking for a team of professional epoxy flooring specialist for your retail, commercial, or residential space, look no further than the professionals at Austin Pro Painting.

We provide epoxy, urethane, and other protective coatings for manufacturing and production facilities across a number of industries.

Epoxy coatings are generally used as sealants on concrete and steel to give resistance to water, alkali and acids. An epoxy coating application is an ideal service for garage, workspace and shop flooring. When professionally applied, nonporous epoxy coatings make your floor easy to clean and maintain. With the right sealants and application, you’ll see the many benefits of an epoxy coating for your garage or shop floor.

With an epoxy coating application from Austin Professional Painting , your floor will not only resist water, dirt, grime, and chemical spills or stains – epoxy coatings will also dramatically improve the aesthetic look of a garage or workplace, instantly giving a fresh, remodeled look in a cost-effective way. Improved safety is another benefit of epoxy coating applications for residential or commercial garages and shop floors. Chemically resistant epoxy coatings also resist heat, fire and heavy impact, and the high-gloss sheen of an epoxy floor will also increase the level of brightness in your garage or work area, making for a safer, productive work environment. Call 512-845-7821 to schedule an estimate with one of our representatives today!