Carpentry Repair

Our carpentry team will remove and replace any exterior wood rot with the proper kind of wood necessary to match existing trim. In some cases, customers may request a complete re-trim using masonry Hardi-board. We also do full siding replacements and patio covers and fence repairs.

Clean and Sand Surface Imperfections

We believe in using electric sanders to remove all loose or peeling paint. We use 180 grit sandpaper to prepare the surface for the next stage of preparation.

Caulk Around Windows and Doors

We caulk any gaps and holes in the substrate which is important so moisture does not penetrate the surface of your home and will prevent any future rotting of wood and paint deterioration.

Prime Raw Wood Surfaces

After the thorough cleaning, our crew will prime all bare wood with oil based primer. It is important that oil based is used (not latex) for optimal adhesion. Oil based primers are designed to penetrate the wood and seal it, where as latex only sits on the surface of the substrate and does not properly seal the wood. The only time water based primers are used is on masonry substrates such as stucco, concrete and brick