Deck Staining

We offer deck refinishing and deck restoration, as well as deck staining. We have refinished hundreds of old and beat up decks to looking just like new again, in Austin.

Sanding is superior to pressure washing. The deck becomes smoother, and 99% of old stain gets removed. This process eliminates the worry of splinters, usually caused by pressure washing. We are very conscious of the Austin Area climate and its effect on wood, and we do everything we can to protect your investment.

Deck restoration and refinishing varies depending on sun exposure surrounding trees, and climate, may require different process of prep work and different staining material in order to resurface or restore old beauty of a deck.

Austin Professional Painting can help you refinish your deck. We do quality work by paying attention to details.. Deck refinishing should be part of your house maintenance, by doing so, your deck will look great, and deck repair will be kept to very minimum. It’s important to use high quality stain sealer to protect your deck. A good deck maintenance requires cleaning, washing, and staining your deck every one to two years.

It’s equally important to do deck repair as needed periodically. The cost of replacing a deck will be much more expensive than having regular deck maintenance and doing minor deck repair.

Our standard deck restoration and deck refinishing process includes the following steps:

  • We counter sink nails as necessary.
  • We sand deck to bare wood.
  • We rinse the entire deck.
  • We then apply deck treatment followed by a high quality sealer.
  • We use the best products that exist in the market of deck restoration and deck refinishing business, our products far exceed the longevity of the products of our competitors.