Interior Residential Painting

Preparation Process

Our professional crew will do a walkthrough to assess the project before preparing your home for painting. We cover your floors, protect your furniture, and fill holes or cracks in the walls if necessary (this includes drywall repair). We can help with wallpaper removal and window caulking as well.

If you have valuables or fragile items near the painting area, we recommend removing them from the room if possible. Remove any pictures or shelves from the walls before we get there. If you have pets, plan where you’ll keep them during the painting – we wouldn’t want any paw print trails!

Eco-friendly Products

We’re an eco-friendly painting service. We use zero VOC and low VOC paint to minimize the impact on the environment and your home, ensuring there are no harsh odors or fumes when you return at the end of the day.

Customer Satisfaction

As painting continues throughout the day, our site foreman will ensure the quality of work is excellent. We’ll complete a walkthrough with you while the paint is drying to make sure no touch-ups are required, then clean up fully. You’ll receive a follow-up call the next day to ensure the work, colors, and products met all of your expectations. It’ll be like we were never there – except you’ll have freshly painted walls to come home to!

  • We can coordinate a color consultation if desired.
  • Only top quality paint brands are used such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.
  • Multiple crews and flexible scheduling meet your needs and timeline.
  • Touch-up paint left with you at project completion.

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