Restoration Painting

We are proud to serve as a wood restoration and painting company specializing in the cleaning and preservation of natural wood homes and decks. Restoration painting is the art of restoring old and/or damaged homes back to their original or a near-original state.

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of the old original Austin home. Built into the landscape rather than on it, coddled by trees and hills (or other antique homes for those of us in an urban environment) these homes speak of proportion and symmetry, scale and form. We LOVE working on them!

Historic homes present unique challenges to the careful painter however. The simple act of applying a fresh coat of paint is complicated by the many layers of oil and water based paints already coating the home.

Here’s what we look for when invited to paint the exterior of an older home; we examine the condition of siding and trim carefully and closely. Why is the paint peeling? Often the paint film too thick and inflexible; small bubbles indicate solvent or moisture blisters which reveal previous painting mistakes and/or trapped moisture. Sadly, we also find a lot of issues with past repair work – replacement wood failing prematurely due to carpentry mistakes or poor wood selection. We’ll always do our utmost to save the wood on the house – it tends to be a much denser and harder wood than can be found today. We’ll use wood-specific epoxies where appropriate, or our restoration carpenter will source a wood species that matches the original.